Mykel Hackney,
Founder & Director
The specialists at Manners House School provide
advanced etiquette and protocol intelligence training
materials, seminars, workshops and one-on-one training
for individuals, groups and businesses.  Our training is
designed to give you a distinction that will set you apart
and help you succeed in your career, in the national and
global business arena; and, in life.  

Our customized training programs are designed to help
business people succeed in the 21st Century domestic
and global marketplace.  

Manners House specialists offer the following seminars:

Protocol for Professionals – Dining Skills
Protocol for Professionals – Business Etiquette
Diplomatic Dining Skills
Global Business Protocol.

These seminars are designed to give you, our client, what
you want most – advanced people skills – that extra 10%
guaranteed to put you over the top!  
Manners House
School of Etiquette & Protocol